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At Merr-Sonn Technologies, we don't sell weapons, we sell dreams.
And means of destroying them.
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Weaponry is serious business. It gets so serious that in order to produce cutting-edge armaments, it sometimes takes the joint knowledge of three specialists to deliver the outstanding quality that their customers demand. That is exactly what Merr-Sonn, NeuroSaav Technologies and SoroSuub Munitions did. These three companies, who have been building up a solid reputation since the early years of the Galactic Civil War, bundled their forces into the Merr-Sonn Technologies Armaments Conglomerate.

Merr-Sonn Technologies offers the widest range of weaponry in the galaxy and all of our products match the high standards of the Galaxy’s consumers. It speaks for itself that Merr-Sonn Tech. continues to use the appraised "Kill-As-You-Grow" (TM) Program, which offers weapons for the sports hunter as well as for the hard-core mercenary. All orders placed through our HoloShop come with a certificate of authenticity.

Merr-Sonn Technologies operates as a New Republic nationalized group, all citizens of the New Republic are entitled to a 30% discount on all orders.